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Design Challenge: Laser Cut Coasters For Gaming Designers, Developers & Players

Ponoko Gaming Coaster Design Challenge

Designmark's friends over at Ponoko - the online laser cutting service - are running a challenge for designers to blow away the gaming industry with laser cut coasters customised for games designers, developers & players. They support and encourage Inkscape submissions so I'm going to enter and you should too!

If you know how to create commercially viable laser cut designs, or you want to learn, you can enter here. They're going to provide feedback on selected entries to help educate everyone about how to produce clever and fun designs which people will want to buy and have in their homes and work spaces.

There's $2,470 worth of free laser cutting prizes up for grabs. You can win by producing a design that ticks the most important commercial considerations: (1) is it manufacturable (at scale)? (2) could it achieve product/market fit (does it answer the design brief)? (3) can pricing be both competitive and profitable (is manufacturing cost minimised)?

Ponoko's mission is to build a smart 'factory of the future', to be the world's easiest manufacturing service for designers, engineers, founders & CEOs to go from idea to design to price to make to market faster and at less cost than ever before. It's a wonderful service to cut flat sheets of a ton of different materials with high precision and repeatability, to help build your business (or start one).

With consideration for issues around so-called 'spec work', they consulted their customers, the No!Spec and AIGA websites, and modelled this design challenge on how Instructables do it. At the very least, this means you keep your intellectual property; Ponoko has no interest in taking what is yours. If you're wondering what's in it for them then read up on their objective here.

I think it looks like a fun way to get up to speed with how to turn your Inkscape designs ideas into commercial products, raise your profile and learn something new, so brush off your pen tool and go enter your design/s now - entries close Saturday October 13th.

After you enter don't forget to vote for yourself and share your design for others to vote for you too!

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