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My tutorials are aimed at novices and experienced users alike. I try not to assume too much knowledge of the applications, although inevitably I have to skip over the details of some steps from time to time to avoid getting bogged down and writing long guides which are boring to follow.

EasyModerateInvolvedAt the top of each article I indicate what I estimate the difficulty - or more accurately, the complexity - of the material to be. That's not to say that beginners shouldn't attempt a more involved tutorial or that experienced individuals can't still get something from easier articles, but I think that everyone should know what they're letting themselves in for when they open an article link.

TutorialsTen-minuted tipsMy tutorials are also divided into full guides and what I call "Ten-minute tips", which are shorter guides or sets of instructions centred around just one tool or skill. As I've said, I try to keep the majority of my pieces brief and focused, to try and extract the most impact and purpose from small projects, but there's scope to expand if people ask for it.

Where there's more than one way to describe a tool or feature, I am prone to using terms interchangeably; like 'gradient' and 'blend', or 'pattern' and 'texture', depending on the context. This is because I read a lot of other design blogs and the nomenclature they adopt is not always the same; I've rather adopted this variation of ways to refer to things.

And if you feel you'd like to contribute and have your say, I'll be adding a comments section to each article so you can tell me what you've enjoyed, what you'd like to see more of and any requests for tutorials.

So once again, welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy reading these tutorials.


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3 comments (newest first)

  1. Jaidev Shah
    Tue, 29 Jul 2014

    Hello Mark,

    You have done a GREAT job with tutorials. I understand it must have taken you hours to master the softwares. Thank you for making it so easy for people like me. Thank you.

  2. Ximo
    Wed, 26 Jun 2013

    Mark, I want to thank you for all these great tutorials.

    Instead of commenting on every post, I write longer here and hope future viewers will read your introductory posts as well because I want to tell them they're going to find very valuable and amusing tutorials in this blog.

    I've followed all them and I look forward to practicing with the next one.

    They are simple to follow but with effective results. Explanations are very easy to understand, filled with supporting captured screens.

    Every tool or operation is addressed with its button/menu/hotkey and that's a valuable information. Although I understand it's a nuisance to you I'm learning those hotkeys and being more productive.

    Great work!

  3. Eagleheart
    Thu, 14 Mar 2013

    Thanks for sharing! We need more people like you in the world.

    I like drawing and Inkscape is another tool to do so, that's why I'm glad I found this website.

    I'll be following your tutorial and comment from time to time.

    Best regards!

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